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Sales Consultant



Intercape is searching for an honest and hardworking Sales Consultant to join the team in Harare, Zimbabwe. Working shifts, on public holidays and weekends is a requirement for this position. The successful candidate must be able to thrive in a highly pressurised and fast paced work environment. Must be a Zimbabwean citizen.
Application closing: 17 Feb 2019

Minimum Requirements


  • A’Level.
  • Computer literate.
  • 2 Years’ experience in a customer facing sales environment.
  • Have a good basic Geographical knowledge of towns, cities, and highways within South Africa and neighboring countries.
  • Experience in handling general enquiries in a customer-facing environment.
  • Experience in handling disputes and conflict.
  • Proficiency in basic mathematics.
  • Basic understanding of demand and supply, and dynamic pricing.
  • Vehicle tracking experience will be an advantage, as will travel and tourism or hospitality industry experience.
  • Zimbabwean Citizen.

Job Specification


KEY PERFORMANCE AREA 1: Pro-active marketing

  • Identify potential customers outside of the sales office and ensure to secure the sale.
  • Contact existing and potential customers to promote Intercape brand and create brand awareness.
  • Recommend travelling with Intercape, available routes/times, and provide exceptional service to customers, based on customers’ needs and interests.
  • Understand seasonal trends in sales and identify the underlying factors that affect peaks and valleys in sales.
  • Observe and report market intelligence (such as competition tactics, passenger behaviors, competitors’ pricing) on a continuous basis.
  • Identify and report sales and marketing opportunities such as new routes, marketing channels, campaigns etc.
  • Complete any additional ad hoc assignments as per line management’s instructions.


•       Always recommend to customer the full-flexi tickets first, then recommend lower fair options (flexi and saver) and only if necessary resort to the special discount option in order to secure the sale;

  • Execute ticket bookings on the Intercape Booking System.
  • Compliance with the Intercape ticket booking policies and procedures including:
    1. Identifying, selecting and confirming the dates, departures and arrivals that meet the ticket purchasers’ needs.
    2. Explain the various ticket classes, differences and benefits of each class.
    3. Explain Intercape’s Terms and Conditions applicable to the type of booking, and send a copy of Intercape’s Terms & Conditions via fax or e-mail to the ticket purchaser / passenger.
    4. Explain routes, stops and destinations correctly and according to the training manual.
    5. Explain and utilize discounts correctly when necessary to make a sale, or when requested, and comply with the prescribed requirements e.g. ID Document for Pensioners, valid and current Student Card for Students, and SANDF identification for Force Members.
    6. Process the booking correctly as per the purchasers’ preferred payment method: credit card, debit card or direct bank deposit. In the case of direct bank deposits or electronic funds transfers, relay the conditions of booking to the ticket purchaser.
    7. Verify all booking and payment details on the computer before issuing tickets, and ensure that the purchaser verbally accepts the details as correct.
    8. Ensure that ticket purchasers are made aware of their responsibility to adhere to passport and visa requirements and explain such if and when applicable.
    9. Assist ticket purchasers in a professional, friendly and helpful manner according to the sales competencies listed under “related job requirements”.

KEY PERFORMANCE AREA 3:  Handling Enquiries

  • Identify the nature of enquiries and discern between enquiries and complaints.
  • Provide the necessary and relevant information in response to customers’ needs, promptly and accurately.
  • Understand and be able to explain Intercape’s current special offers, campaigns, competitions and promotions.
  • Assist customers in choosing payment methods that best suit their needs.
  • Explain and follow prescribed procedures for cancellations, transfers and refunds.
  • When it is not possible to meet a customer’s needs, explain organizational limitations in a positive manner, providing all possible alternative solutions.
  • Keep a record of enquiries, especially those pertaining to: routes that Intercape doesn’t service, pricing concerns, comparisons made to competitors, and share this information with your Supervisor on a weekly basis as inputs for the Bi-weekly office supervisor report.
  • Track coaches on the tracking system and answer enquiries in this regard.

KEY PERFORMANCE AREA 4: Handling complaints

  • When an enquiry results in a complaint, make every effort to resolve the complaint at the first point of contact i.e. the person who first receives the complaint must try and resolve it.
  • Failing resolution of a complaint, ensure that the complaint is logged on the CCC system.
  • Explain the resolution process to the customer (especially the next steps), and provide the customer with the case reference number and contact details should they wish to follow up.
  • Ensure that all relevant documents are received and captured on the CCC system.


  • Follow the daily cash-up procedures as set out in the Financial Policy.


  • Manage parcel enquiries – destinations / costs as per company policy.
  • Weigh parcels (measured and weighed according to procedure) in order to establish cost.
  • Label parcels per destination.
  • Ensure parcels are loaded on the correct coach.
  • Understand and adhere to the Terms and Conditions applicable to the transportation of parcels.
  • Capture waybills on the system.
  • Ensure correct delivery destination:  Office to Office and Depot to Depot.
  • Meet Monthly parcel sales targets.
  • Physical cash must balance with theoretical cash as indicated on cash up

~ Total cash in hand to balance with total indicated on daily cash-up under cash column

  • Monies dropped must be clearly identified with your name, date and denominations indicated

~ Differences to be stated on the envelope and on physical cash up



  • Receive excess luggage stubs.
  • Ensure stubs are captured:

~ Select “print manifest” option

~ Follow excess luggage manual procedure available on Intercape Logistics policies

  • Ensure stubs are monitored for accuracy to eliminate fraud

~ Numerically correct

  • Comply with the prescribed Cash-up policies and procedures.


  • Responsible for effective utilisation, accurate capturing, and thorough record keeping on all systems relevant to perform daily tasks within department.
  • Responsible to ensure that you have received training on Move/SOPS/ Other applicable systems or have provided training to direct reports.



You may be required to perform other or general work due to operational requirements, for which you are either qualified and/or capable of doing so, or any duties that may be reasonably expected of you.


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