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Zimbabwe Agricultural Growth Program (ZAGP-Dairy)
Deadline: 9 July 2019
Request for Proposals for Consulting Services: Zimbabwe Agricultural growth program (ZAGP- Dairy).
Project title: Transforming Zimbabwe’s Dairy Value Chain for the Future”

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Designing and Development of Dairy Sector Performance Database and Setting up a Digital Data Gathering System (Open Data Kit)
1. Introduction
Zimbabwe Agriculture Growth Programme (ZAGP)
We Effect and partners (ZADF, ZIDT and ZFU) is implementing an action that addresses root causes of underperformance in the Dairy Value Chain (DVC) in Zimbabwe by strengthening the linkages between production, processing and financing. The action (Transforming Zimbabwe’s Dairy Value Chain for the Future) has adopted a Performance Based Monitoring and Evaluation system that should be strengthened by adoption of;
a) Digital data collection system
b) Operational dairy sector database for storage and management of all data collected during routine programme implementation and monitoring
This approach will enable We Effect and partners to manage process monitoring and impact measurement data, thus enabling the Monitoring and Evaluation function to track real-time information on programme performance. Monitoring and Evaluation data; starting with the baseline, other data collection activities which encompass annual performance assessments will be done digitally and this requires the setting up and uploading of a mobile/digital data gathering system (using tablets and smartphones) in line with specifications, features and functions of paper based data collection tools. The data collected using the digital system will be processed and uploaded into the database.
The Monitoring and & Evaluation framework is premised on tracking the activities, outputs and outcomes of the action. This will be done by collecting and analysing data on all the activities, outputs and outcome indicators. Most indicators for outputs and outcomes are already outlined in the

Programme Logframe Indicators. All collected data will be collected, analysed and reported quarterly, bi-annual and annually for the indicators. We Effect and partner programme staff will have the responsibility for collecting monitoring data on all indicators.
As such, the huge amount of monitoring data collected regularly, analysed and reported on quarterly, bi-annual and annual basis necessitates the adoption of digital data collection system and development of an electronic database to support data collection, management, analysis and reporting on programme performance. The database will facilitate and enhance management of programme performance through measurement of common action performance indicators. Information on indicators, baseline figures, targets, planned and completed activities will be captured in the database at programme level. Periodic reports from the database will be shared and discussed with partners and dairy industry stakeholders.
The action seeks to develop a digital data collection system and a database to enhance learning across the programme and within dairy industry. This activity of setting up; a) the digital data gathering system and b) electronic data storage and management (database), will be under management of We Effect Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation Officer under direction and oversight from Dairy Services. The data that will be captured in the database will be analysed Quarterly, Bi-Annually and Annually by the Database Administrator to generate reports for use by programme staff and management. The Programme Management will use the reports to make informed decisions on programme performance. These reports will be shared in programme review meetings for partners and industry stakeholders. Reports generated from the database will be consolidated for progress reporting.

Key objective of the design and development of the digital data collection system and dairy sector performance database
The objective is to strengthen existing information platforms whereby various actors within the dairy value chain are; at the same time, providers as well as users of information to advance their respective and collective interests. Therefore We Effect and partners seek to engage a consultant to design a digital data collection system and programme database.
2. Specific tasks for the consultant will be:
1. Design and develop features of digital data collection system on tablets and smartphones according to specifications of existing paper based data collection tools
2. Pre-test the digital data gathering system
3. To produce a conceptual data model that reflects the structure of the information to be held in the database. Producing the conceptual data model involves input from the Monitoring and Evaluation data collection tools which are under design
4. Share the conceptual data model with We Effect programming team, Dairy Services and key industry partners for review and improvement if need be
5. Translate the conceptual data model into database formulas and other elements that implement the relevant data structures within the database

6. Use Microsoft Access for designing and developing the database or any other latest user friendly software. Microsoft Access comes with Microsoft Office since it is available for Windows and is a relational-based database that understands SQL.
7. Design database ensuring that security features are included to protect and secure database system
8. Pre-test the database for data analysis and produce reports for their immediate use
a) Working with programming team, the consultant will capture data collected from the field into the database
b) Implement security features to protect and secure database systems.
9. Consultant will train and capacitate We Effect Database Administrator, Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation Officer and Dairy Value Chain Specialist on the particular database design, development and common maintenance activities
10. Commission the use of the database. During the 12 months period the consultant will provide technical back stopping support to database users, ensuring that any problems that arise with the database are resolved timeously and efficiently.
When rolling out the database for action, it will not be necessary for all levels of programming team to have a detailed knowledge of how the database works besides to know the main overall purpose(s) of the database. The Database Administrator who leads the data gathering system will have full access and user rights to the database. PM&E Officer and Dairy Value Chain Specialist may have access and user rights so that they are able to support the Database Administrator to run project reports when necessary. The Programme Management may also have user rights to the database.
3. Timeframe and Tasks for designing and developing the database
The duration for the entire task will be 14 working days.

1. Refined digital data collection tools
2. Pre-test the digital collection tools
3. Conceptual database model design
4. Physical database design
5. Presentation of model database to We Effect and Dairy Services
6. Pre-test run of database
7. Presentation of final functional database to We Effect and Dairy Services
8. Training of team on database utilisation and management
9. Roll out of the database
4. Profile for the consultant or consultancy firm
The consultant should have the following expertise:
1. A minimum of 5 years of experience in database design, development, maintenance and roll out for development programmes
2. Bsc/BA in Computer Science or equivalent
3. Proven experience to lead in the structural design of a database according to various system requirements
4. Education in IT especially SQL server 2008 database development
5. Good analytical, documentation skills, presentation of reports and trouble shooting skills
6. Excellent skills in capacity building/orientation of programming teams in basic IT
7. Excellent team player
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