Wanted Is A Team Building Consultancy

Zimbabwe Association of Community Radio Stations

Team Building Consultancy: Zimbabwe Association of Community Radio Stations (ZACRAS)

Deadline: 20 May 2019

ZACRAS is a not for profit Association of community radio stations in Zimbabwe founded in 2003 though it was registered in 2012. The Association concerns itself primarily with promoting the community broadcasting sub-sector in Zimbabwe through capacity strengthening, lobby and advocacy, and access to information promotion. The membership of the Association is drawn from both urban and rural communities.

ZACRAS’s Mission is to empower communities in Zimbabwe through building and sustaining strong, vibrant, and autonomous and community driven radio stations. ZACRAS’ vision is to have developed participatory communities in Zimbabwe which freely express themselves.

Context and purpose
To a large extent, organisations are mainly concerned with program delivery and rarely invest in staff development including promoting team spirit. It is however important that organisations constantly hold activities seeking to improve working dynamics and communication among team members.

ZACRAS therefore seeks to hold a team building exercise so as to improve working relations amongst its staff. The overall purpose of this assignment is to improve staff productivity and performance at the work place by conducting various fun, challenging and engaging activities to strengthen team spirit, trust and collaboration among staff members. The assignment also includes improving staff communication, conflict resolution, team morale and adapting to the organizational changes.

Format of the team building exercise
Fun and productive activities involving all staff (both indoor and outdoor) that promote team spirit and encourage an understanding of the role of teams in the work environment; Facilitate discussions and formation of recommendations on improving interpersonal communication skills (internal communications, external communications, and confidentiality).

Activities / deliverables
Facilitate 2 full days Team Building exercise; A report of the workshop capturing results, gaps noted and recommendations.

Qualifications and experience
The lead consultant should have an advanced degree preferably in Organizational Psychology/Organizational Development/Human Resource management; Demonstrated knowledge and advanced skills and at least 8 years of previous experience in the preparation of Team Building for medium and large-scale NGOs; Excellent facilitation and communication skills in English (oral and written); Flexible nature and ability to adapt to changing directions/thinking that may occur during the retreat; Excellent interpersonal skills

Time frame
Conduct interviews with ZACRAS Staff, 1.5 days; Program development and feedback to ZACRAS, 0.5 days; Facilitation of the retreat, 2 days; Final meeting report, including assessment results and recommendations, 3 days: total 7 days.

Role of ZACRAS
Provide all the documents required by the consultant necessary for the assignment; To ensure all deliverables are met before the payment has been done; Any other necessary support related to the assignment.

100% payment shall be done upon successful completion of the assignment.

For the duration of the assignment, the Consultant will report to the ZACRAS National Coordinator.

To apply
If interested, kindly send your expression of interest to  The expression of interest should also encompass the cost of carrying out the assignment.

To apply for this job email your details to zacras@zacraszim.org